Be Audacious!
Be You!

Here are the FIVE ACTIONS that have propelled me into living an audacious life on my terms! 
Having a disability shouldn’t stop anyone from dreaming and achieving those dreams!  
They shouldn’t stop you either! 
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"Live Audaciously, One Moment At A Time..."

Nathasha Alvarez-Personal Life

My personal life is the reason I’m inviting you to learn what I’ve learned in all of my years as a teacher, life coach, motivational speaker, consultant, advocate, editor, writer and all around Latina Diva on Wheels!

I was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I’ve learned to move beyond the 100s and 100s of fractures and medical situations in my life in order to travel, work, play and live on my terms.

It hasn’t always been easy! I am aware that it never will be.

But if you have a disability then you know that there are few areas in our life that we can label as easy. But not impossible!

I’ve mentored people with and without disabilities. Helping people reach their goals makes me happy! 

My ultimate goal is to help you live the life you want. 

Not the life society thinks you should live. 

Join me on this journey! Let me help you! 


When people said I couldn't do something, I proved that I could.

I want that for you. 
Live life on your terms! 
Follow your dreams! 
Live audaciously! 
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